NURS 6050 Policy & Advocacy for Improving Population Health

NURS 6050 Policy & Advocacy for Improving Population Health

NURS 6050 Policy & Advocacy for Improving Population Health

NURS 6050 – week 2 initial – Priority Research It has been a…


Priority Research It has been a know practice of physician- patient relationship thatis build on trust, but leaves the nurses out of the health care decision of their patients. Nurses are there an average of 90% of the time, providing care,and can provide a good resource in helping patent in the decision making process. Identification of the influence of nursing on important health care decisions at all levels should be considered (Future of Nursing, 2011).Therefore, the patient would benefit from a shared decision-making approach, where nurses have some role in important decision- making process.

At the VA, we have established daily, all disciplines come together and discuss each patient on the unit. This initiative was started and there has been increased interaction among nurses in the patient health care decisions. Empirical research demonstrates that many patients, for whatever reasons, prefer not to assume full decision-making control (Knickman & Kovner, 2015). But many may also not like the idea of no say at all. Shared decision-making o±ers an intermediate alternative for both physician and patient. ²or the patient it …


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